Bedfordshire Chamber Training
1. Definitions
This document uses the following terms and definitions; “System” to refer to the website, software application, feature or process of service delivery. We may refer to the customer, trainee or any other real person using the “System” as “User”. “External System” refers to any systems intended for public access over the world wide web, subsequently “Internal Systems” refer to systems which are intended for prior authorised “Users” (e.g. logged in). “License” can refer to the “Users” access to service and content of the “System”. “Support Ticket” may refer to our managed facility for providing and monitoring "System" support to “Users”. “Developer” may refer to the “System” creator, designers or maintainers. We may refer to any person or software using the “External System” facilities as “Visitors”. “Account Manager” can refer to a “User” who has been granted the authority of an Account Manager who has access to modify other “Users” and/or account details.
2. Terms of Use
Violation of these conditions or any other fraudulent activity, including but not limited to; falsifying personal information, falsifying a “Users” course completion record, ’hacking’, manipulation, fraud of “System” records, disruptions to “System” services or connectivity etc. in any way other than intended by the “Developers” is unacceptable and can result in an instant automatic or manual “User”, “Visitor”, IP and/or account deactivation, blocking, termination and appropriate legal action. Account blocking/termination mistakenly actioned can only be undone pending detailed review by a “Developer”.

Any person in breach of these terms will be legally personally responsible for their actions.

2.1. Users of the system are not permitted to login as any other username other than their own for any reason. If you are an “Account Manager” and need to access a users account information, you can find the information via "View Users" or "Control Panel”.

2.2. “System” content, advertising, marketing, text and media, designs etc, cannot be used outside of the “System” in any scenario without express consent from the “Developers”.

2.3. Only one person may view the online training content per license. ‘Sharing’ or public/private presentations of licenses or course content is not permitted.

2.4. All “Users” personal information must be up-to-date and correct. This includes the ’Users’ email address, which must only be accessible by the named user in question, i.e. a personal email account. As we may use this address for communicating sensitive information about the “Users” account and/or validating the “Users” authenticity.

2.5. Unauthorised automation, software or otherwise, is not allowed without express permission from “Developers”.

2.6. Deliberately, or otherwise, hindering the use of the “System” for any other “User” or “Developer” may result in blocking, deactivation without refund or notice.

2.7. “Users” accessing “System” services (including but not limited to; course/training content) must read and fully understand the material before continuing to the end of the training. Help is always provided via the “Support Ticket” facility.

2.8. Learning Verification systems such as but not limited to; Quiz Questions and Workbooks, must not be mislead or falsified. Any answers or information the “User” provides must be direct answers and opinions of the ”User” using the “System”. Various data and logging methods are used to monitor a “Users” authentic learning verification, such as but not limited to; time taken to complete training content, serving logs and other methods within this document, some or all of this information may be shared with relevant authorities, including “Account Managers” all in-keeping with our "Developers" Privacy Policy.

2.9. Detailed logs of “Users” and “Visitors” are stored for any length deemed necessary by the “Developers”. Our system records data including but not limited to; Internet Protocol address, time of connection, and other standard web-server logging information, we also collect detailed records of all actions of “Users” to allow us to effectively support, audit and detect fraud of the “System”, this information can include personal information provided to us, by the “User”, the “Account Managers” and our providers (in-keeping with our Privacy Policy), duration of activity, any “Users” affected by another “Users” actions and any suspicious activity including potentially fraudulent behaviour.

2.10. Data including but not limited to; records and certification, are only valid if the “System” confirms the information legitimately. Legitimate confirmation of data is under the complete discretion of the “Developers”. Any fraudulent or other behaviour not permitted or intended by the “Developers”, even if not expressly specified in this document, can result in record termination, certification invalidation and data invalidation.

3. Licenses & Renewals
A licence for a named course can be assigned to one named real person, referred to as the "User". (i.e. one licence for a named course assigned to a named user = 1 named user's access to the course and, once a valid completion has been recorded, a certificate and completion record). Licences are not transferable. New licences are valid for one year from date of purchase and the named user can view this course as many times as necessary throughout the year. Upon license expiry, licences may be renewed for a subsequent one year. Licence renewal is optional.
4. Payment & Service Implementation
Course access and any other services will be actioned upon receipt of payment. Prices displayed in the price list exclude local taxes (e.g. VAT). Once the service has been actioned, no refunds or cancellations can be actioned under normal circumstances. Normal circumstances are at the discretion of the “Developers”.
5. Competence
One of the key elements to be considered during the selection of a health & safety training provider, must be an Assessment of Competence. Health & Safety training must be suitable for the tasks and be provided from a competent source. See our competence statement on the "Systems" homepage for further information about competence and qualification.
Further Information
This document maybe updated throughout your use of the “System”, please regularly check this document for changes. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please immediately logout (if applicable) and leave the website. You can contact us through the "Support Tickets" on your control panel or the “Contact Us” pages if you require assistance or further information.